Wholesale DSL definition

Wholesale DSL means asymmetric broadband access and backhaul and includes BT’s Datastream and IPStream products.

Examples of Wholesale DSL in a sentence

The Advanced speed tier of Wholesale DSL Transport Service purchased under the DSL-TPP will have a $21.50 monthly recurring charge.

Obvious examples are BT’s Wholesale DSL service, and the Redcare alarm monitoring service.

The FLSM allocates these costs exclusively to Retail DSL, Wholesale DSL and other DSL.

For the period of June 1, 2005 through February 28, 2006 Primary*, Primary + and Basic I speed tiers of Wholesale DSL Transport Service purchased under the DSL-TPP will have an$11.50 monthly recurring charge.

The Wholesale Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Transport Reduced Recurring Rate promotion applies to Wholesale DSL Transport Services purchased under the DSL Term Pricing Plan (“DSL-TPP”).

The Wholesale Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Transport Reduced Recurring Rate promotion applies to Wholesale DSL Transport Services purchased under the DSL Term Pricing Plan (“DSL-TPP”) from the SBC Advanced Solutions, Inc.

Wholesale DSL and the treatment of cable networks Regulation of wholesale DSL is focused on the consumer markets – business connectivity is reviewed separately by Ofcom in its “Business Connectivity Market Review” (discussed above).

Bitstream DSL servicesThe Wholesale DSL SLA sets out a range of Ethernet/bitstream products, varying in speed and contention ratio offered.

Wholesale DSL service charges in Jersey are currently set on a ‘retail minus 40%’ basis and those for on- island wholesale private circuits are determined on a ‘retail minus 9%’ basis.

But if it does, than the demand forecasts is extremely low, being effectively118 Refer to: Telstra Wholesale DSL Layer 2 Internet Grade, Issue 7 October 2014; and TW Business Grade Ethernet Product Tech Spec– 26-09-2011.

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