WELS definition

WELS means a web-based early learning data system used by Early Achievers partners including DEL, University of Washington and Child Care Aware regional lead agencies to track and maintain data including facility/site participation, evaluation information, and quality improvement progress. (Note: WA Compass will be the system that replaces WELS in 2018; WA Compass is the Washington State centralized database where DEL employees can document and monitor activities related to providers and contractors. It is where contractors will be able to access information about all sites from one landing page. The system will include licensing, Early Achievers and ECEAP monitoring information. WA Compass does not replace MERIT or ELMS.)
WELS means workplace exposure limits, which are set under COSHH in order to help protect the health of workers. They are the maximum concentration of an airborne substance, averaged over a reference period, to which employees may be exposed by inhalation.

Examples of WELS in a sentence

  • Require newly hired Early Achievers coaches to attend the Early Achievers Practice Based Coaching training within six months of hire and document date attended in WELS or WA Compass, when available.

  • The Contractor must assign coaches to each site in WELS or WA Compass, when available, and ensure that coaches enter supports and technical assistance provided to staff and enter coaches’ professional development activities into WELS or WA Compass, when available.

  • WA Compass replaces the web-based Early Learning Systems (WELS), but does not replace MERIT or ELMS.

  • Ensure coaching interactions are recorded in WELS or WA Compass, when available.

  • Curriculum and Coaching to Fidelity training, if applicable.(2) Contractors must ensure coaches are assigned in WELS and WA Compass when available.

  • Document their professional development activities in WELS or WA Compass, when available.

  • Note showing WELS rating for water fittings/fixtures (refer to SDA report) provided as part of base building work have to be chosen within one WELS star of best available at the time of purchase.

More Definitions of WELS

WELS means the Water Efficiency and Labelling Standards (WELS) Scheme. The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Act, 2005, provides the legal framework for the WELS Scheme, which replaced the Alpha (e.g.,“AAA”) Ratings Scheme on 1 July 2006. Further detail is provided in other legal instruments, with the Australian Standard Water efficient products-Rating and labelling (AS/NZS 6400:2005) containing most of the Scheme's details.

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