Definition of Waterborne Terminals

Waterborne Terminals means the "Florida Terminals" as set forth in Attachment "A".
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Examples of Waterborne Terminals in a sentence

For delivery by Vessel, [***], shall govern and are incorporated in this Agreement except that (i) [***], (ii) MSCG shall be liable for [***] at the Waterborne Terminals, and (iii) the Parties shall [***] attributable to the sampling and testing of Products upon discharge at the Waterborne Terminals.
Subject to the Parties mutual agreement with respect to the terms and conditions governing the storage of Products [***] by MSCG at the Waterborne Terminals, TPSI shall allow MSCG to store inventory of MSCGs Products at the Waterborne Terminals [***].
MSCG shall be responsible for origination scheduling on the Colonial Pipeline and the Plantation Pipeline, and for both origination and destination scheduling on all Vessel deliveries to the Waterborne Terminals.
MSCG then shall prepare and issue to TPSI by 5:00 p.m. ET the following Business Day a consolidated invoice for the volumes delivered to the Pipeline Terminals and the Waterborne Terminals, the volumes delivered in the second part of the Buy/Sell Transactions and the volumes supplied pursuant to the TPSI Exchange Agreements.