Definition of VRI Subordinated Notes

VRI Subordinated Notes means, collectively, the 2014 VRI Subordinated Notes and the 2019 VRI Subordinated Notes." (j) Modification of the Senior Debt Representation and Warranty. Section 8.22 of the Credit Agreement (Senior Debt) is amended by replacing "VRI Senior Subordinated Indenture" with "2014 VRI Senior Subordinated Indenture and/or 2019 VRI Senior Subordinated Indenture, as applicable,". (k) Modification of the Loans, Advances, and Investments Covenant. Section 10.8 of the Credit Agreement (Loans, Advances, and Investments) is amended as follows:

Examples of VRI Subordinated Notes in a sentence

Borrower will use all of the proceeds of (a) Revolving Loans, L/Cs, and L/C Borrowings for working capital, to make advances and other investments permitted by Section 10.8, to make acquisitions permitted under Section 10.11, to make capital expenditures permitted under Section 10.18, and for other general corporate purposes, and (b) Term Loans to redeem the 2019 VRI Subordinated Notes and the Vail Bonds and to consummate the Whistler Acquisition.