Volume Requirement definition

Volume Requirement means the minimum Volume of sales that you must sell each 6 months in order to retain an active Account with the Company, as further specified in this Manual.
Volume Requirement means the vaccination volume target goal for each Vaccine Provider.

Examples of Volume Requirement in a sentence

If an agreement making reference hereto has a Minimum Volume Requirement and a party fails meet the requirement due to the lawful cessation of service or abandonment of rail lines during any period of the agreement, waiver of the Minimum Volume Requirement shall be that party’s sole remedy.

Orders covering a shortfall for a prior Calendar Year must specify installation within the first 180 days after the close of such prior Calendar Year and shall not also be counted toward the Minimum Sales Volume Requirement for the Calendar Year in which they are received.

It is expressly understood that non-compliance with the Volume Requirement will be deemed a material breach of this Agreement even if the Purchase Threshold is met under the Formula Development Agreement executed herewith.

Such alternative sources will count towards the Volume Requirement as if purchased from the Company.

See Section 3.1.4 for more details on how to properly perform a Downstream Analysis.Estimated Volume Requirement Methodology:1.