Visitor Category definition

Visitor Category means the certain categories of Persons who are eligible for the Complimentary Tickets and/or Discounted Tickets that are made available by Expo 2020, for example, youths, students or Persons of Determination etc. All available Visitor Categories are listed on the Expo 2020 Website.

Examples of Visitor Category in a sentence

The transfer of a Ticket in this manner shall not contravene Clause9.1 provided that: (i) such a transfer takes place without any payment (free of charge) or benefit; and (ii) the new Ticket Holder satisfies any respective Visitor Category applicable to the Ticket.

Further to Clause11.1 above, Expo 2020 reserves the right at any time to request a Ticket Holder in any Visitor Category to verify their identity by presenting ID upon request by any Exposition Staff prior to admission to the Expo 2020 Pavilions Premiere Site or at any time during the Ticket Holder’s visit to the Expo 2020 Pavilions Premiere Site.