Definition of Vessel Purchase Agreement

Vessel Purchase Agreement means the Memorandum of Agreement dated October 10, 2014 between Partrederiet Teekay Shipping Partners DA and the Borrower for the purchase of the Vessel.

Examples of Vessel Purchase Agreement in a sentence

In the event Harrah's Indiana Casino Corporation ("Harrah's") exercises its right to purchase the Vessel pursuant to Paragraph 21 of the Vessel Purchase Agreement dated August 15, 1997 by and between Casino Magic of Louisiana, Corp.
Under the laws of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, 67,258,287 of the Secondary Securities have been duly authorized, validly issued and are fully paid for and non-assessable and 29,917,312 of the Secondary Securities have been duly authorized and when issued under the terms of the Vessel Purchase Agreement dated August 19, 2014, as described in the Prospectus, will be validly issued, fully paid and non-assessable.
In addition to any other legal or equitable rights available to Zell, the Notes and other obligations hereunder shall, until a Guarantee Termination shall occur, be secured by a pledge of 100% of the issued and outstanding capital stock of Oceanic Ship Co., a Delaware corporation, the Assignee of AMCV's rights under the Vessel Purchase Agreement and the prospective owner of the Vessel, pursuant to the Pledge Agreement.
AMCV has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement, dated as of August 5, 1999 ("Vessel Purchase Agreement") with HAL Antillen N.V. to acquire the M/S Nieuw Amsterdam (the "Vessel"); B.
In the event Seller elects not to sell any vessels to Buyer under the Vessel Purchase Agreement, then the 1031 Value shall equal zero.