Vehicle Miles Traveled definition

Vehicle Miles Traveled means the number of miles traveled by light duty passenger vehicles.
Vehicle Miles Traveled means the number of miles traveled by a vehicle.
Vehicle Miles Traveled means the number of miles traveled by a motor vehicle for commute trips. A mile traveled by a reduced emission vehicle shall be counted as less than a full vehicle mile traveled for travel reduction plan purposes.

Examples of Vehicle Miles Traveled in a sentence

  • Rate of Fatalities per 100 million Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)3.

  • If the Vehicle Miles Traveled Reduction is known enter in the box to the right.Note: A manual entry of the VMTR will override the calculated cell.Step 3: MOVES 2014a Emission Factors for Unrestricted PM:Note: Use 35 MPH as a default if average speed is not known.

  • Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) AnalysisMany factors affect travel behavior.

  • Based on the number of trucks the total Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) shall be calculated for that month.

  • Car2Go: Elliot Martin and Susan Shaheen, Trans- portation Sustainability Research Center, Impacts of Car2Go on Vehicle Ownership, Modal Shift, Vehicle Miles Traveled and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, July 2016; ZipCar: Elliot Martin, Susan Shaheen and Jeffrey Lidicker, “Impact of Carsharing on Household Vehicle Holdings,” Transporta- tion Research Record, 2143: 150-158, DOI: 10.3141/2143-19, 2010.

  • The term “Network Adjustment Factor” means the Vehicle Miles Traveled projected to occur on the System from the Development Unit divided by the Vehicle Miles Traveled projected to occur on the Regional Roadway Network from the Development Unit.

  • The investments in rail that are being made will not only improve rail efficiency and performance and reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled and pollutant emissions, but will bring much needed intercity and commuter services, connecting the San Joaquin Valley with Sacramento and the Bay Area, and the station enhancements will have a strong potential for acting as a catalyst for urban revitalization.

  • Evaluation of Sketch-Level Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Quantification Tools.

  • It is expected that the projects will help increase the Vehicle Miles Traveled while reducing congestion and delay as the population and demand in District 10 grows over the next 10 years.

  • Nodes are generally located at major roadway intersections and corridor development should provide continuity between the nodes and serve adjacent neighborhoods in order to reduce the number of Vehicle Miles Traveled.

More Definitions of Vehicle Miles Traveled

Vehicle Miles Traveled means the amount and distance of automobile travel attributed to a project (California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines Section 15064.3).
Vehicle Miles Traveled means one vehicle traveling on a roadway for one mile.
Vehicle Miles Traveled. (VMT) means the sum of the individual motor vehicle commute trip lengths in miles made by affected employees over a set period of time. "Vehicle miles traveled per employee" means the sum of VMTs by affected employees over a set period divided by the number of affected employees during that period.
Vehicle Miles Traveled means the total miles traveled by all the vehicles in a fleet. This is significant because vehicles cause most of the air pollution in Utah County. Reducing vehicle miles traveled improves air quality.
Vehicle Miles Traveled. (VMT) means the average (mean) number of miles traveled by a motor vehicle for commute trips.
Vehicle Miles Traveled or “VMT” means the total miles of Motor Vehicle travel that are generated by a population over a given timeframe, excluding travel by bus or public transit.

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