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VCS Business shall mean:
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To the extent that any employment and service-related Liabilities exist with respect to former ASD Employees whose last employment with an ASD Group member was primarily connected to the VCS Business and which are not otherwise specifically dealt with herein, the parties shall cooperate to effect the transfer to, and assumption of, such Liabilities by WABCO.
WABCO acknowledges and agrees on its own behalf, and on behalf of each member of the WABCO Group, that ASD has provided to WABCO prior to the Effective Time all information necessary for WABCO or the appropriate member of the WABCO Group to obtain such insurance policies and insurance programs necessary to cover any and all risk of loss related to the VCS Business.
The provisions of this Service Agreement are intended to bind the Parties to each other and are not intended and do not create rights in any other person, including any employee of the VCS Business or ASD, and no Person is intended to be or is a third party beneficiary of any of the provisions of this Services Agreement.