Valet Parkers definition

Valet Parkers. For parking on a “valetbasis, Parker agrees to allow attendants to take possession, park, relocate as needed and retrieve the vehicle at all times. Since accidents can happen anywhere, if a Parker believes damage occurred in the garage, it must be shown to one of the attendants. A “Damage Reportmust be completed before leaving the garage. Our staff will investigate and make a reasonable determination whether the damage occurred in the garage based on all information available. Should the Association approve repairs to a vehicle, an estimate is required from a body shop where the Association has an account. The repair may be completed elsewhere, but the Association reserves the right to reimburse the amount indicated by the lowest estimate up to $500. Also, because they can happen anywhere, the Association cannot be responsible for nicks, dings, scrapes, dents or similar damage to your car (whether on doors, handles, bumpers, bumper stickers, side view mirrors or elsewhere). An attendant will inspect vehicles for moderate or severe damages so we are aware of general conditions prior to taking possession of a vehicle, but can not be expected to account for every nick, scratch or ding.

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The Front Entryway will be used as a very short term waiting area, since it is also a working area for the Valet Parkers.

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