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Vacant commercial means any building or structure which has been,
Vacant commercial means any building or structure which has been, but is not currently being utilized for a commercial purpose and which contains windows on the ground floorwhich front upon a public street, sidewalk or right-of-way.

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Chapter 201 of the Borough Code entitled “Special Improvement District” which governs the Special Improvement District of the Borough of Maywood shall be amended to add subchapter§201-12 to mitigate the impact on empty store front and shall read as: §201-12 Vacant commercial structures within the District containing store fronts/display windows.

LAND USE AND COMPREHENSIVE PLAN EXISTING LAND USE: Vacant commercial site SSURROUNDING LAND USE AND ZONING:North:  Virginia Beach Boulevard Commercial / B-2 Community Business District South:  Interstate 264 Vacant Land / R-7.5 ResidentialEast:  Interstate 264 Virginia Beach BoulevardWest:  Mini-Storage / B-2 Community Business District NATURAL RESOURCE AND CULTURAL FEATURES:The southern portion of the site is located in the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area.

Vacant housing structures: $200.00 per structure.B. Vacant commercial or mixed-use building: $200.00 per structure.(e) Change of Information.

Vacant commercial lands are generally in small lots and interspersed among committed commercial lands.

Vacant commercial landForeign persons generally need to notify before acquiring an interest in any vacant commercial land, regardless of the value of the proposed acquisition.

Vacant commercial storefronts did not have to register with DBI or pay an annual fee at the time.

Vacant commercial or industrial land includes all parcels with improvement values of less than $5,000 Redevelopable residential land consists of residential-zoned parcels that are at least 0.50 acre in size with an improvement value of at least $5,000.

Vacant commercial and industrial land totals over 1,100 acres and far exceeds the projected Year 2025 demand of 275 acres.

Vacant commercial properties in the city centre are targeted by trespassers, drug users and metal thieves, with more than one serious fire.

Vacant commercial zoned land is also available in the Schumacher Business Park and the HJT North and South Business Parks.

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