Definition of U.S. Subsidiary Guarantors

U.S. Subsidiary Guarantors means the "Subsidiary Guarantors" as defined in the U.S. Credit Agreement.

Examples of U.S. Subsidiary Guarantors in a sentence

The subordination provisions contained in the Existing Senior Notes Indentures are enforceable against (i) the U.S. Subsidiary Guarantors party thereto, and (ii) the holders of the Existing Senior Notes.
All Guaranteed Obligations (as defined in the U.S. Subsidiaries Guaranty) of the U.S. Subsidiary Guarantors and all Obligations of the U.S. Borrower under the Credit Documents to which it is a party, are within the definitions of Guarantor Senior Debt and Designated Guarantor Senior Debt or Senior Debt and Designated Senior Debt, as applicable, included in such subordination provisions.
Each of the U.S. Subsidiary Guarantors is, and following the Restructuring, the U.S. Borrower shall be, a citizen of the United States, within the meaning of 46 U.S.C. SS50501, eligible to own and operate vessels in the coastwise trade of the United States.
The Administrative Agent shall have received (i) this Agreement, executed and delivered by the Administrative Agent, the Borrowers and each Person listed on Schedule 1.1A, (ii) the US Guarantee Agreement, executed and delivered by the US Subsidiary Guarantors and the US Borrowers, and (iii) the Foreign Guarantee Agreement, executed and delivered by the Canadian Borrower and the Canadian Subsidiary Guarantors.
Eligible U.S. Letter of Credit Inventory: the Eligible Letter of Credit Inventory owned by the U.S. Borrowers and the U.S. Subsidiary Guarantors.