urban amenities definition

urban amenities means urban facilities such as parks, playgrounds, green spaces, parking facilities, public wi-fi facilities, public bus transport, bus shelters, taxi and rickshaw stands, libraries, affordable hospitals, cultural centres, recreation centres, stadium, sports complex and any other urban facility that the State Government may, on the recommendation of the Authority, specify to be an urban amenity, but does not include infrastructure development work;

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  • urban areas means the areas covered by all Municipal Corporations and other Municipalities including the areas falling under the various Urban Development Authorities, Cantonment Authorities and industrial estates or townships, excluding the areas covered under Class-I Cities;

  • Urban area means Maricopa and Pima counties, excluding Tribal Lands.

  • traditional communities means communities recognised in terms of section 3 of the Eastern Cape Traditional Leadership and Governance Act, 2005 (Act No. 4 of 2005).

  • Urban means a geographic area that is less than ten map miles from a population center of 30,000 people or more.

  • Urban Coordinating Council Empowerment Neighborhood means a neighborhood given priority access to State resources through the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority.

  • Community mental health center or "CMHC" means a facility offering a comprehensive array of community-based mental health services, including but not limited to, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, emergency care, consultation and education; and, certain services at the option of the center, including, but not limited to, prescreening, rehabilitation services, pre-care and aftercare, training programs, and research and evaluation.

  • Urban growth areas means those areas designated

  • Urban Enterprise Zones means a zone designated by the New Jersey Enterprise Zone Authority pursuant to the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zones Act, N.J.S.A. 52:27H-60 et. seq.

  • Michigan economic development corporation means the public body corporate created under section 28 of article VII of the state constitution of 1963 and the urban cooperation act of 1967, 1967 (Ex Sess) PA 7, MCL 124.501 to 124.512, by a contractual interlocal agreement effective April 5, 1999, as amended, between local participating economic development corporations formed under the economic development corporations act, 1974 PA 338, MCL 125.1601 to 125.1636, and the Michigan strategic fund. If the Michigan economic development corporation is unable for any reason to perform its duties under this act, those duties may be exercised by the Michigan strategic fund.

  • Medical cannabis dispensary means an organization issued a

  • Asian American means a person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, or the Pacific Islands, including but not limited to Japan, China, Vietnam, Samoa, Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, Northern Mariana Islands, the Philippines, a U.S. territory of the Pacific, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka and who is regarded as such by the community of which this person claims to be a part.

  • Wildlife habitat means a surface water of the state used by plants and animals not considered as pathogens, vectors for pathogens or intermediate hosts for pathogens for humans or domesticated livestock and plants.

  • Urban renewal plan means a plan, as it exists from time to time, for an urban renewal project, which plan shall be sufficiently complete to indicate such land acquisition, demolition and removal of structures, redevelopment, improvements, and rehabilitation as may be proposed to be carried out in the urban renewal area, zoning and planning changes, if any, land uses, maximum density and building requirements.

  • College board means the state board for community and

  • Stormwater management planning area means the geographic area for which a stormwater management planning agency is authorized to prepare stormwater management plans, or a specific portion of that area identified in a stormwater management plan prepared by that agency.

  • Electric utility steam generating unit means any steam electric generating unit that is constructed for the purpose of supplying more than one-third of its potential electric output capacity and more than 25 MW electrical output to any utility power distribution system for sale. Any steam supplied to a steam distribution system for the purpose of providing steam to a steam-electric generator that would produce electrical energy for sale is also considered in determining the electrical energy output capacity of the affected facility.

  • Urban renewal project means undertakings and activities of a municipality in an urban renewal area for the elimination and for the prevention of the development or spread of slums and blight, and may involve slum clearance and redevelopment in an urban renewal area, or rehabilitation or conservation in an urban renewal area, or any combination or part of them in accordance with an urban renewal plan. These undertakings and activities may include:

  • high-efficiency cogeneration means cogeneration meeting the criteria laid down in Annex II;

  • Next Michigan development corporation means that term as defined in section 3 of the next Michigan development act, 2010 PA 275, MCL 125.2953.

  • Conservation Plan means a document that outlines how a project site will be managed using best management practices to avoid potential negative environmental impacts.

  • Business Centre means each of the places so specified in the relevant Pricing Supplement.

  • African American means a person having origins in any of the original peoples of Africa and who is regarded as such by the community of which this person claims to be a part.

  • Stormwater management measure means any practice, technology, process, program, or other method intended to control or reduce stormwater runoff and associated pollutants, or to induce or control the infiltration or groundwater recharge of stormwater or to eliminate illicit or illegal non-stormwater discharges into stormwater conveyances.

  • Neighborhood electric vehicle means a self-propelled

  • University Community means all students and employees of the University, persons officially associated with the University, former students and alumni at the University, as well as invitees, visitors and guests.

  • metropolitan municipality means a municipality that has exclusive executive and legislative authority in its area, and which is described in section 155 (1) of the Constitution as a category A municipality;