ULSD definition

ULSD means ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel with sulfur levels 15 parts per million or lower pursuant to 40 CFR, Part 80, Subpart I.
ULSD means ultra-low sulfur diesel.

Examples of ULSD in a sentence

  • They need to be operated exclusively on ULSD by February 12, 2007.

  • The Law also permits waivers of ULSD and BART under limited circumstances at the discretion of the Commissioner of Environmental Conservation.

  • All equipment on the jobsite, with engine ratings of 50 hp and above, shall be required to: use Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (ULSD) exclusively (15 ppm sulfur content or less).

  • The successful bidder must comply with the specifications and provisions of ECL Section 19-0323 and NYCRR Part 248, which require the use of BART and ULSD, unless specifically waived by the Department.

  • In 2007, New York State passed legislation establishing the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act 2006 (DERA.) This Act amended the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) by adding Section 19-0323 which requires the use of best available retrofit technology (BART) and ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) for heavy duty vehicles owned or operated by, including on behalf of, state agencies and state or regional public authorities.

More Definitions of ULSD

ULSD or ultra low sulfur diesel, means diesel fuel that contains less than 15 PPM of total sulfur.
ULSD means ultra low sulphur diesel;
ULSD means ultra-low sulfur diesel subject to Item No. 55 of this tariff.