Definition of UCB Purchase Agreement

UCB Purchase Agreement means the asset purchase agreement between UCB, the Borrower and Merus Luxco II dated as of February 1, 2016.
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Examples of UCB Purchase Agreement in a sentence

The UCB Products were purchased pursuant to a purchase agreement entered into by Merus, one of our wholly owned subsidiaries, and UCB on February 1, 2016 (the "UCB Purchase Agreement").
The rights acquired in under the UCB Purchase Agreement include exclusive know-how, business contracts, purchase orders, marketing authorizations, intellectual property, existing inventory relating to the UCB Products and goodwill.
The UCB Purchase Agreement includes exclusive rights to manufacture, market and sell the UCB Products in twenty European countries, Mexico, Turkey and South Korea (the "Territories").
Under the terms of the UCB Purchase Agreement we will take over multiple contracts including contract manufacturing agreements with a third-party manufacturer.
UCB has agreed to transfer to us the benefit of each marketing authorization which it holds in relation to the UCB Products, subject to the terms and conditions of a transition services agreement and of the UCB Purchase Agreement.