Treble damages definition

Treble damages means those court awards made under a statute providing for 3 times or treble the amount of damages suffered by the injured party.
Treble damages means three (3) times the sum of:

Examples of Treble damages in a sentence

Treble damages shall be awarded for a Landlord's willful failure to comply with the obligations established under this Ordinance.

Treble damages for pound-breach Upon any pound-breach or rescue of goods or chattels distrained for rent, the person aggrieved thereby shall, in any action for the wrong thereby sustained, recover treble damages and costs of suit against the offender in any such rescue or pound-breach, or against the owner of the goods distrained, in case the same be afterwards found to have come to his use or possession.

Treble damages shall be awarded on proof of actual damages where defendant’s acts were willful and malicious.

Treble damages, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs for violations of the Sherman Act, as required under 15 U.S.C. § 15.

Treble damages, whenever any person, without lawful authority in- jures, severs, or carries off from a res- ervation any forest product as defined in § 163.1 of this part.

Treble damages shall be awarded on proof of actual damages where a defendant’s acts were willful and malicious.

Treble damages shall be based upon the highest stumpage value ob- tainable from the raw materials in- volved in the trespass.

Termination at the customer avoids further disruption of the road surface by making use of the pre-installed access ports to enable straightforward tunneling of the fiber under the sidewalk.

Penalties include: • Civil injunctions • Treble damages • Disgorgement of profits • Jail sentences • Monetary fines that could exceed the profit gained or the loss avoided (regardless of whether the person benefited) In addition, any violation of this policy statement will result in serious sanctions by WEDGE, which could include dismissal of the persons involved.

Treble damages must be awarded on proof of actual damages when the defendant's acts were wilful and malicious.

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Punitive Damages are those damages awarded as a penalty, the amount of which is neither governed nor fixed by statute.
Damages means any loss, claim, damage, liability, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees and disbursements and costs and expenses of expert witnesses and investigation).
Consequential Damages means Losses claimed to have resulted from any indirect, incidental, reliance, special, consequential, punitive, exemplary, multiple or any other Loss, including damages claimed to have resulted from harm to business, loss of anticipated revenues, savings, or profits, or other economic Loss claimed to have been suffered not measured by the prevailing Party’s actual damages, and any other damages typically considered consequential damages under Applicable Law, regardless of whether the Parties knew or had been advised of the possibility that such damages could result in connection with or arising from anything said, omitted, or done hereunder or related hereto, including willful acts or omissions.
Compensatory Damages are those amounts awarded to compensate for the actual damages sustained, and are not awarded as a penalty, nor fixed in amount by statute.
Rejection Damages Claim means any Claim on account of the rejection of an Executory Contract or Unexpired Lease pursuant to section 365 of the Bankruptcy Code.
Personal injury means injury, other than "bodily injury", arising out of one or more of the following offenses: