Transfer/Assignment Effective Date definition

Transfer/Assignment Effective Date means the transfer/assignment effective date specified in an Accession Letter.”;

Examples of Transfer/Assignment Effective Date in a sentence

The New Junior Creditor shall notify the CTA Agent and the Trustee (if any) of the Transfer/Assignment Effective Date promptly upon the occurrence of the same.] [Option B2: With effect from [ ] (the Transfer/Assignment Effective Date) we, [name of new Party] of [address/registered office], agree to be a Junior Creditor under the Third Party Subordination Agreement and to be bound by, and comply with, the terms of the Third Party Subordination Agreement as a Junior Creditor.] 3.

Representations and warranties from New Junior Lender On the date of this Accession Letter, the Effective Date (if any) and the Transfer/Assignment Effective Date, the New Junior Creditor shall be deemed to give each warranty and representation contained in clause 4.3 (Junior Creditors’ representations and warranties) of the Third Party Subordination Agreement, mutatis mutandis, in respect of this Accession Letter and the Third Party Subordination Agreement.