Definition of Tranche BTerm Loan Commitment

Tranche BTerm Loan Commitment means the Tranche B-1 Term Loan Commitment and the Tranche B-2 Term Loan Commitment.

Examples of Tranche BTerm Loan Commitment in a sentence

Each borrowing of Tranche B Term Loans and Tranche C Term Loans shall be deemed to utilize first the portions of the U.S. Term Loan Commitments other than the Tranche BTerm Loan Commitments or the Tranche CTerm Loan Commitments, as the case may be, before utilizing the Tranche BTerm Loan Commitment and the Tranche CTerm Loan Commitments.
Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, each Tranche BLender severally agrees to make a loan in Dollars (individually, a "Tranche BTerm Loan"; and collectively, the "Tranche BTerm Loans"; Tranche B Term Loans, together with the Tranche BTerm Loans, collectively, the "Term Loans") to the Company on the Closing Date, in an aggregate principal amount equal to such Lender's Tranche BTerm Loan Commitment.