Definition of Tranche B Facility Amount

Tranche B Facility Amount means $63,000,000.
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If the Outstanding Principal Balance under the Tranche B Facility Amount has exceeded the reduced balance of the Tranche B Facility Amount on the Amount Reduction Date, the Borrower shall immediately repay the excess part of the Outstanding Principal Balance, the interests payable and expenses on the Amount Reduction Date.
Definitions Unless otherwise defined in the Agreement, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below: (1) Maximum Facility Amount shall mean the Maximum Facility Amount committed by the Lenders pursuant to the terms of this Agreement for Tranche A Facility Amount and Tranche B Facility Amount (as defined hereunder).
FACILITY 2.1 FACILITY AND PURPOSE Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Lenders make available to the Borrower a term loan facility in a maximum aggregate amount equal to the total of the Maximum Tranche A Facility Amount and the 24 Maximum Tranche B Facility Amount.
This Tranche B Facility Amount is divided into two facility amounts: NT$4 billion (NT$4,000,000,000) as Tranche B-1 Facility Amount (Tranche B-1 Facility Amount), and US$100 million (US$100,000,000) as Tranche B-2 Facility Amount (Tranche B-2 Facility Amount).
The Tranche B Facility Amount shall be averagely reduced in five (5) periods starting the last day of the 36th month after the First Drawdown Date and the last day of each six (6)-month period thereafter (hereinafter Amount Reduction Date).