Trademark Licensee definition

Trademark Licensee means any corporation, partnership, limited liability company or similar legal entity (and not a person) that has a written trademark license agreement with Registry Operator or its Affiliate, for use of the registered trademark owned by Registry Operator or its Affiliate, the textual elements of which correspond exactly to the .Brand TLD string operated by Registry Operator, where:
Trademark Licensee means (i) Peerless in those instances of Peerless' use and license of the Trademarks, (ii) Peerless Remarketer Customer in those instances of Peerless Remarketer Customer's use and license of Trademarks, (iii) OEM Customer in those instances of OEM Customer's use and license of the Trademarks, and (iv) OEM Remarketer Customer in those instances of OEM Remarketer Customer's use and license of the Trademark."
Trademark Licensee refers to the licensee of Licensed Trademarks, including Party B and its controlled subsidiaries;

Examples of Trademark Licensee in a sentence

  • To approve the following resolution.Resolution on a Vendor Code of ConductThe Social Concerns Committee of the University of Minnesota recommends that the President establish, as an administrative policy, a written Code of Conduct for University vendors, incorporating priorities identified in the University’s existing Trademark Licensee Code of Conduct and existing relevant Board of Regents policies.

More Definitions of Trademark Licensee

Trademark Licensee. Either party may change its address to which notices or requests shall be directed by written notice to the other party, but until such change of address has been received any notice or request sent to the above addresses shall be effective upon mailing and shall be considered as having been received.

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  • Trademark means all rights, title and interests (and all related IP Ancillary Rights) arising under any Requirement of Law in or relating to trademarks, trade names, corporate names, company names, business names, fictitious business names, trade styles, service marks, logos and other source or business identifiers and, in each case, all goodwill associated therewith, all registrations and recordations thereof and all applications in connection therewith.

  • Trademarks means any trademark and servicemark rights, whether registered or not, applications to register and registrations of the same and like protections, and the entire goodwill of the business of Borrower connected with and symbolized by such trademarks.