Town Hall Ventures Blocker definition

Town Hall Ventures Blocker means THV VMD Blocker, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. Town Hall Ventures Blocker shall include any permitted transferee or assignee of Town Hall Ventures Blocker.

Examples of Town Hall Ventures Blocker in a sentence

  • In addition, after the date hereof, any issuance of additional shares of capital stock of Town Hall Ventures Blocker to any current or prospective stockholders shall be subject to Section 8.3(d) and the organizational documents of Town Hall Ventures Blocker.

  • Town Hall Ventures Blocker was formed on or about August 12, 2019 solely to own Units on behalf of Town Hall Ventures (and, as of and following the Effective Date, Walgreens).

  • Town Hall Ventures (as defined in the Existing Operating Agreement) hereby permanently and irrevocably waives all rights it or Town Hall Ventures Blocker may have with respect to the Redemption under the THV Tag-Along Agreement.

  • The larger field is used for summer grazing and the smaller one is more lightly grazed.

  • At the request of the Oak Blocker, the Kinnevik Blocker and/or the Town Hall Ventures Blocker, any Sale of the Company shall be structured in a manner that ensures that all of the Blocker Equities of such Blocker shall be sold or transferred to a proposed purchaser in lieu of a sale of the Units owned by such Blocker, or in conjunction with any merger, consolidation, reorganization or similar transaction.

  • D17.4 The Contractor shall off-load goods as directed at the delivery location.

  • Like everyone else, and regardless of the obligation of confidentiality, researchers are legally bound to prevent serious future infractions of the law, for example, by reporting them to the police” (NESH 2006: 22).

  • Each Member agrees that the Transfer restrictions in this Agreement may not be avoided by the holding of Units directly or indirectly through a Person in which equity interests in themselves can be sold to dispose of an interest in Units free of restrictions, including Oak Blocker, Kinnevik Blocker and Town Hall Ventures Blocker.

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  • Blocker means an employee engaged in one or more of the following operations in a Millinery Sector establishment: Blocking, panning, stiffening of raw materials, pressing, spraying and polishing of hats, dyeing and brushing of hats in the course of manufacture;

  • Public corporation means a county, city, village, township, port district, drainage district, special assessment district, or metropolitan district of this state, or a board, commission, or another authority or agency created by or under an act of the legislature of this state.

  • RSC means the Regional Security Coordinator(s) (RSC(s)) appointed for CCR Hansa, unless it is explicitly otherwise stated, according to Article 77(1)(a) of the SO Regulation that will perform the tasks allocated to this(these) RSC(s) according to Article 77(1)(c)(i) of the SO Regulation;