Tow Company definition

Tow Company. – means a person who owns a tow truck or has possession or control of a tow truck under an installment purchase agreement, a rental agreement, or other agreement and operates a tow business;
Tow Company means any person, firm, corporation, or other entity that engages in, or owns or operates a business which engages in, the towing or removal of motor vehicles for compensation.
Tow Company means any company engaged by the University from time to time for the purposes of removing any Vehicle from Campus pursuant to section 12 of this Statute.

Examples of Tow Company in a sentence

  • When necessary to return a parking space to its rightful use, or to avoid delay of University operations the Office of the Bursar will call the UAF contracted Tow Company to relocate your vehicle to the Nenana or Taku lots.

  • American Towing Start Date End Date Tow Company Doing Business As 11/1/2022 11/8/2022 Xxxxxx Towing Enterprises, Inc.

  • EXHIBIT E TOW ROTATION SCHEDULE Start Date End Date Tow Company Doing Business As 1/1/2022 1/8/2022 Xxxx's Auto Center, Inc.

  • The Tow Company shall be in possession of a current “Non-Consent Permit” as issued by the Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board, as mandated by Arkansas Code Annotated § 27-50-1201.

  • Release of an O.R. Tow Vehicle:An order from the City’s Department of Police Tow Administrator is not required and the Tow Company shall promptly release to the owner an O.R. Tow.

  • The Tow Company is responsible for ensuring the list is both current and accurate.

  • Tow Company – Any person or legal entity owning or operating a towing and recovery service.

  • Every Tow Company shall have a local business telephone number published in the local telephone directory that is accessible to the public twenty-four hours a day.

  • Tow Company shall be in full compliance with all state and local license requirements, Arkansas Code Annotated § 27-50-1101, and be properly permitted and in good standing with the Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board.

  • The Tow Company must have a telephone number in the name of their business published in the local telephone directory or accessible through directory assistance and/or the Internet.

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Tow Company means a person engaged in the business of impounding, transporting, or

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