Tourist attraction definition

Tourist attraction means a business, activity, service, or site where a major portion of the product or service provided is tourist oriented.
Tourist attraction means facilities that principally provide recreation, amusement, or leisure activities to the general public, with the majority of its visitors not residing in the immediate area of the attraction, and traveling over 100 miles to enjoy what the facility offers. Tourist attractions are publicly or privately owned, but derive the major portion of their income from these non-resident visitors.
Tourist attraction means a particularly attractive landmark of a tourist destination, of a natural or social character within a tourist area;

Examples of Tourist attraction in a sentence

  • Tourist attraction and the uniqueness of resources on tourist destination in west Java, Indonesia.

More Definitions of Tourist attraction

Tourist attraction means a specific and generic feature of a destination that attracts tourists; "tourist destination" means a visited place that is central to the decision to take the trip;
Tourist attraction means a place with tourism resources that are used to serve tourists.
Tourist attraction means any theme park or amusement park, whether now existing or hereafter devised.
Tourist attraction means a tourist oriented activity which means a natural phe- nomenon, historic site, cultural site, recre- ational site, educational site, museum, area of natural beauty, or commercial activity as defined below, a major portion of whose income or visitors are derived during the nor- mal business season from motorists. Atten- dance in any consecutive twelve- (12-) month period shall meet or exceed the minimum requirements established in this rule for the Logo, TODS, or Traffic Generator programs. Tourist attractions shall be open for business at least four (4) hours per day, at least five (5) days per week, one (1) of which must be a Saturday or Sunday unless otherwise indicat- ed in this rule, have public restroom facilities, and a minimum of ten (10) parking accom- modations.
Tourist attraction means a Premises used for providing on–site entertainment, recreation or similar facilities for the general public. The use may include provision of food and drink for consumption on site (in accordance with the Planning Act 2016).
Tourist attraction means a theme park, amusement park, water park (all being either permanent or temporary in nature), entertainment/retail facility, themed entertainment facility, themed dining facility, motion picture cinema, filmed production facilities, or similar tourist or visitor park, center, site, show or attraction (whether or not an admission is charged).
Tourist attraction means a busi- ness or location, and shall include one (l) or more of the following categories, which are not presently utilizing traffic generator guide signing: