Tools of the Trade definition

Tools of the Trade means those non-consumable items or tools necessary to complete the Work that shall be expected to be provided by Contractor at no additional charge to PGW, for example, ladders, pipe benders, pipe cutters and wrenches, hand tools, necessary slings and rigging, soldering equipment, torches and fuels, oxygen and acetylene gases, welding rods, and silver solders, pastes and fluxes, shovels, spades, pneumatic equipment, paving breakers, etc.
Tools of the Trade. Clause: It is recognized that managerial and supervisory employees are not covered by this Agreement, provided, however, that no such person shall normally be permitted to use the tools of the trade or perform any of the work or duties performed by employees who are covered except in case of emergency or for training purposes. In the event managerial or supervisory persons or other persons not covered by this Agreement digress from the above, such persons shall be deemed to come under the terms of this Agreement and shall be required to become Union members as specified in Article 1 hereof.

Examples of Tools of the Trade in a sentence

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  • EPA, Office of Air and Radiation, Tools of the Trade: A Guide to Designing and Operating a Cap and Trade Program for Pollution Control, 2003, Glossary.

  • Are you taking any equipment with you other than those identified as Tools of the Trade under the export regulations?If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', contact the OIC for assistance.

  • Tools of the Trade are not counted as part of a weight allowance for Household and Personal Effects in the Rates Table even if moved as part of Household and Personal Effects.

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  • Are you taking any equipment with you other than those identified as Tools of the Trade under the export regulations?If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', contact the ORC to determine how to proceed.

  • Estuarine and Coastal Management, Tools of the Trade, New Orleans, Louisiana (USA).The Mississippi drains a basin of 4,759,049 km2, about 12% of North America.

  • Tools of the Trade not to exceed an aggregate value of one thousand dollars ($1,000) actually used or reasonably expected to be used to produce self- employment income may be exempted from consideration as a resource.

  • The President decides if the committee is to look into the matter and report back to the group, report to the President, or act (this means the committee makes the final decision).o A member says, “I move to refer this motion to a committee.” Another member seconds the motion, and it is taken to a vote.o Requires a majority vote to pass Tools of the Trade Congratulations on being elected an officer of your club!This is a very important leadership role.

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  • Communications Equipment means, as to any Site, all equipment installed at (i) the AT&T Collocation Space by or with respect to any AT&T Collocator or any Wholly Owned Affiliate and (ii) any other portion of the Site with respect to a Tower Subtenant, for the provision of current or future communication services, including voice, video, internet and other data services, which shall include switches, antennas, including microwave antennas, panels, conduits, flexible transmission lines, Cables, radios, amplifiers, filters, interconnect transmission equipment and all associated software and hardware, and will include any modifications, replacements and upgrades to such equipment.

  • Installation means a stationary technical unit where one or more activities listed in Annex I are carried out and any other directly associated activities which have a technical connection with the activities carried out on that site and which could have an effect on emissions and pollution;

  • Construction Activities means the disturbance of soils associated with clearing, grading, excavation activities or other construction-related activities.

  • Wireless facility means equipment at a fixed location that enables wireless communications between user equipment and a communications network, including: (i) equipment associated with wireless communications; and (ii) radio transceivers, antennas, coaxial or fiber-optic cable, regular and backup power supplies, and comparable equipment, regardless of technological configuration. "Wireless facility" includes small wireless facilities. "Wireless facility" does not include: (i) the structure or improvements on, under, or within which the equipment is collocated; or (ii) wireline backhaul facilities, coaxial or fiber optic cable that is between wireless support structures or utility poles or coaxial, or fiber optic cable that is otherwise not immediately adjacent to or directly associated with an antenna.

  • Research facility means buildings and structures, including machinery and equipment, used or to be used primarily for research or experimentation to improve or develop new tangible goods or materials or to improve or develop the production processes thereto.

  • Micro wireless facility means a small cell facility that is not larger in dimension than 24 inches in length, 15 inches in width, and 12 inches in height and that has an exterior antenna, if any, not longer than 11 inches.

  • Telecommunications Equipment means equipment, other than Customer Premises Equipment, used by a Carrier to provide Telecommunications Services, and include software integral to such equipment, including upgrades.

  • Structures means any building or structure, or part thereof, used for human occupation and intended to be so used, and includes any outhouses and appurtenances belonging thereto or usually enjoyed therewith.

  • Parking Facilities means parking lots or other off-street areas for the parking of vehicles, including areas below or above the surface of streets.

  • Facilities means any and all real property (including all buildings, fixtures or other improvements located thereon) now, hereafter or heretofore owned, leased, operated or used by Company or any of its Subsidiaries or any of their respective predecessors or Affiliates.

  • Installation Date means the date specified in the Statement of Work by which the Contractor must have the ordered Equipment ready (certified) for use by the State.

  • Installation Work means the construction and installation of the System and the Start-up, testing and acceptance (but not the operation and maintenance) thereof; all performed by or for the Power Producer at the Premises.

  • Manufacturing Facilities means facilities engaged in the mechanical or chemical transformation of materials or substances into new products and shall include:

  • Critical infrastructure means existing and proposed systems and assets, whether physical or virtual, the incapacity or destruction of which would negatively affect security, economic security, public health or safety, or any combination of those matters.++

  • Parking Facility means a parking area or structure having

  • Business Facility means any real property including the land, the improvements thereon, the groundwater thereunder and the surface water thereon, that is or at any time has been owned, operated occupied, controlled or leased by the Company or any Subsidiary in connection with the operation of its business.

  • Nuclear fuel cycle-related research and development activities means those activities which are specifically related to any process or system development aspect of any of the following: - conversion of nuclear material, - enrichment of nuclear material, - nuclear fuel fabrication, - reactors, - critical facilities, - reprocessing of nuclear fuel, - processing (not including repackaging or conditioning not involving the separation of elements, for storage or disposal) of intermediate or high-level waste containing plutonium, high enriched uranium or uranium-233, but do not include activities related to theoretical or basic scientific research or to research and development on industrial radioisotope applications, medical, hydrological and agricultural applications, health and environmental effects and improved maintenance.

  • Generating Facility means the Generating Unit(s) comprising Seller’s power plant, as more particularly described in Section 1.02 and Exhibit B, including all other materials, equipment, systems, structures, features and improvements necessary to produce electric energy and thermal energy, excluding the Site, land rights and interests in land.

  • Installation Works means, as the context so requires,

  • Small wireless facility means a wireless facility that meets both of the following qualifications: (i) each antenna is located inside an enclosure of no more than six (6) cubic feet in volume or, in the case of an antenna that has exposed elements, the antenna and all of its exposed elements could fit within an imaginary enclosure of no more than six (6) cubic feet; and (ii) all other wireless equipment attached directly to a utility pole associated with the facility is cumulatively no more than twenty-five (25) cubic feet in volume. The following types of associated ancillary equipment are not included in the calculation of equipment volume: electric meter, concealment elements, telecommunications demarcation box, ground-based enclosures, grounding equipment, power transfer switch, cut-off switch, and vertical cable runs for the connection of power and other services.

  • drainage work means any watercourse and includes any land which is expected to provide flood storage capacity for any watercourse and any bank, wall, embankment or other structure, or any appliance, constructed or used for land drainage or flood defence;

  • Existing Facilities means all existing buildings and other facilities, the sites for the buildings or facilities, and furnishings or equipment for the buildings or facilities located on real property acquired by the building authority under the terms of this act.

  • Satellite means any satellite owned by the Issuer or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries and any satellite purchased by the Issuer or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries pursuant to the terms of a Satellite Purchase Agreement, whether such satellite is in the process of manufacture, has been delivered for launch or is in orbit (whether or not in operational service).

  • Infrastructure means the equipment used to enable the use of electric powered vehicles (e.g., electric vehicle charging station).

  • Interconnection Activation Date means the date that the construction of the joint facility Interconnection arrangement has been completed, trunk groups have been established, joint trunk testing is completed and trunks have been mutually accepted by the Parties.

  • advertising structure means any physical structure erected to display an advertisement;