Therapeutic Product definition

Therapeutic Product means a health product categorised as a therapeutic product in the First Schedule to the Act;
Therapeutic Product means any human therapeutic, prophylactic or palliative pharmaceutical product comprising a Licensed Compound, whether or not as the sole active ingredient, and in any dosage form or formulation.
Therapeutic Product means any product, process or device which is designed or utilized for treatment or mitigation of an existing disease state in humans or vertebrate animals.

Examples of Therapeutic Product in a sentence

This requirement shall be deemed satisfied with respect to any specific Target area if Wyeth is developing any Human Therapeutic Product in that Target area.

Wyeth shall keep for three (3) years from the date of each payment of royalties complete and accurate records of sales by Wyeth of each Licensed Human Therapeutic Product in sufficient detail to allow the accruing royalties to be determined accurately.

Therapeutic Product and CTGTP are defined in the First Schedule to the Health Products Act.

Only one royalty payment shall be due under this Agreement with respect to a sale of a Therapeutic Product or Diagnostic Product, regardless of the number of Valid Claims covering such Therapeutic Product or Diagnostic Product.

OSI will cooperate with Wyeth at Wyeth's expense in the defense of any suit, action or proceeding against Wyeth or any sublicensee of Wyeth alleging the infringement of the intellectual property rights of a third party by reason of the use of Patent Rights or Technology in the manufacture, use or sale of any Licensed Human Therapeutic Product.

More Definitions of Therapeutic Product

Therapeutic Product means an agent with prophylactic or therapeutic activity for the prevention and/or treatment of cancer, developed, in whole or in part, from a DISCOVERY PRODUCT and intended to be used, or is used, to treat cancer in humans.
Therapeutic Product means any product that has a therapeutic or prophylactic effect relating to the treatment, amelioration or prevention of a disease or condition;
Therapeutic Product means any Licensed Product developed and/or marketed for use in the Therapeutic Field, but expressly excluding [*****].
Therapeutic Product means the final dosage formulation of a product incorporating pharmaceutical compositions containing a Program Antibody for use in the treatment of solid tumors in humans, regardless of the route of administration. Each different chemical formulation of a Therapeutic Product containing the same one or more Program Antibodies but no additional antibodies, except different formulations for use in the treatment of the same indication in the Field by different routes of administration, shall constitute a different Therapeutic Product.
Therapeutic Product. Therapeutic Product means any pharmaceutical product comprising a Collaboration Compound as an active ingredient. For purposes of clarity, (a) Therapeutic Product excludes any Diagnostic Product, and (b) unless the context otherwise dictates, all references to “Therapeutic Product” shall include the Collaboration Compound contained in such Therapeutic Product.
Therapeutic Product means any product for the prevention or treatment of any disease or disorder in humans and other animals in any dosage form by any route of administration, which product incorporates as an active ingredient a molecule, compound or other agent that (a) is discovered utilizing, in whole or in part, a Gene Target, whether or not during the Research Term, or (b) was identified prior to the Effective Date but the utility of which is discovered utilizing, in whole or in part, a Gene Target, whether or not during the Research Term, excluding any Diagnostic Product and
Therapeutic Product means any pharmaceutical formulations containing as active pharmaceutical ingredient an Antibody or a Compound, including a Combination Product.