The Contract Area definition

The Contract Area means the Contract Area identified in the Second Amendment, as set forth below: Exhibit C — Initial Work Program and Budget [See attached] EXHIBIT C Assignment [See attached] DATED , 2017 SCS CORPORATION LTD. and SOUTH ATLANTIC PETROLEUM LIMITED DEED OF ASSIGNMENT 50% PARTICIPATING INTEREST PRODUCTION SHARING CONTRACT REPUBLIC OF GUINEA THIS ASSIGNMENT is made the day of , 2017 (the “Effective Date”)
The Contract Area means the Contract Area identified in the Second PSC Amendment, as set forth below: JOINT OPERATING AGREEMENT Offshore Republic of Guinea PARTIES: SCS Corporation Ltd. South Atlantic Petroleum Limited EFFECTIVE DATE: [ · ], 2017 CONTENTS PAGE 1 Defined terms and interpretation 1 2 Effective Date and term 1 4 Operator 4 5 Operating Committee 16 6 Work Programs and Budgets 22 7 Operations by less than all parties 30 8 Default 40 9 Disposition of production 47 10 Abandonment 51 11 Surrender, extensions and renewals 52 12 Transfers, Changes in Control, Tag-Along Rights, and AMI 53 13 Withdrawal from Agreement 62 14 Relationship of Parties and tax 65 15 Venture Information, confidentiality, intellectual property 66 16 Force Majeure 69 17 Notices 69 18 Applicable law, dispute resolution and waiver of sovereign immunity 70 19 General provisions 75 Schedule 1— Dictionary and Interpretation Rules 80 Exhibit A — Accounting Procedure 1 Exhibit B — Contract Area 21 Exhibit C —Initial Work Program and Budget 22 Parties

Examples of The Contract Area in a sentence

  • The Contract Area shall be returned to the Federal Government at the expected end of the Production.

  • CONTRACT AREA The Contract Area represented on the attached map consists of an area deemed equal to approximately 80,000 sq.

  • The Contract Area shall be relinquished to the Federal Government at the end expected for the Production.

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The Contract Area or “Premises” shall mean SATS Maintenance Centre and/or SATS Rented Premises located at Passenger Terminal Buildings 1, 2, 3 and 4.
The Contract Area or “Premises” shall mean SATS AIRFREIGHT TERMINAL 1 TO 6,

Related to The Contract Area

  • Contract Area means, on the Effective Date, the area described in Appendix-A and delineated on the map attached as Appendix B or any portion of the said area remaining after relinquishment or surrender from time to time pursuant to the terms of this Contract (including any additional area as provided under Article 11.3).

  • Project Area means the area identified and referred to as the Project Site in the Redevelopment Contract.

  • exploration area means that part of the Area allocated to the Contractor for exploration, described in schedule 1 hereto, as the same may be reduced from time to time in accordance with this contract and the Regulations;

  • Production Area means that part of the animal feeding operation that includes the animal confinement area, the manure storage area, the raw materials storage area, and the waste containment areas. The animal confinement area includes, but is not limited to, open lots, housed lots, feedlots, confinement houses, stall barns, free stall barns, milkrooms, milking centers, egg washing or egg processing areas, areas used for the storage and disposal/treatment of mortalities, cowyards, barnyards, medication pens, walkers, animal walkways, and stables. The manure storage area includes, but is not limited to, lagoons, runoff ponds, storage sheds, stockpiles, under-house or pit storages, liquid impoundments, static piles, and composting piles. The raw materials storage area includes, but is not limited to, feed silos, and silage bunkers. The waste containment area includes, but is not limited to, settling basins and areas within berms and diversions which separate uncontaminated stormwater.

  • Wellhead protection area means the surface and subsurface area surrounding a water well or well field that supplies a public water system through which contaminants are reasonably likely to migrate toward the water well or well field.

  • Lot area means the total horizontal area within the lot lines of a lot.

  • Redevelopment Project Area means an area designated by the municipality, which is not less in the aggregate than 1 1/2 acres and in respect to which the municipality has made a finding that there exist conditions which cause the area to be classified as an industrial park conservation area or a blighted area or a conservation area, or a combination of both blighted areas and conservation areas.

  • Project interest rate means the weighted average interest rate on bonds, advances, or loans listed in this section to the extent the proceeds of any such bonds, advances, or loans are for construction of the State Water Facilities defined in Section 12934(d) of the Water Code, the additional project conservation facilities, and the supplemental conservation facilities (except off-aqueduct power facilities; water system facilities; advances for delivery structures, measuring devices and excess capacity; and East Branch Enlargement Facilities). The project interest rate shall be calculated as a decimal fraction to five places by dividing (i) the total interest cost required to be paid or credited by the State during the life of the indebtedness or advance by (ii) the total of the products of the various principal amounts and the respective terms in years of all such amounts. The bonds, advances, or loans used in calculating the project interest rate shall be:

  • Subject Interests means Assignor’s undivided interests in the Subject Lands, as determined prior to giving effect to this Conveyance (or as may be made part of the Subject Interests pursuant to Section 3.1 or 3.2 of the Development Agreement), whether as lessee under leases, as an owner of the Subject Minerals (or the right to extract such Minerals) or otherwise, by virtue of which undivided interests Assignor has the right to conduct exploration, drilling, development and Mineral production operations on the Subject Lands, or to cause such operations to be conducted, or to participate in such operations by paying and bearing all or any part of the costs, risks and liabilities of such operations, to drill, test, complete, equip, operate and produce xxxxx to exploit the Minerals. The “Subject Interests” (a) may be owned by Assignor pursuant to leases, deeds, operating, pooling or unitization agreements, orders or any other instruments, agreements or documents, recorded or unrecorded, (b) include any and all extensions or renewals of leases covering the Subject Lands (or any portion thereof) obtained by Assignor, or any Affiliate thereof, within six (6) months after the expiration or termination of any such lease, and (c) are subject to the Permitted Encumbrances. For the avoidance of doubt, the “Subject Interests” do not include: (i) Assignor’s interests in the Excluded Assets; (ii) Assignor’s rights to substances other than Minerals; (iii) Assignor’s rights to Minerals (other than Assignee Minerals) under contracts for the purchase, sale, transportation, storage, processing or other handling or disposition of Minerals; (iv) Assignor’s interests in, or rights to Minerals (other than Assignee Minerals) held in pipelines, gathering systems, storage facilities, processing facilities or other equipment or facilities, other than Development Xxxxx; or (v) any additional or enlarged interests in the Development Xxxxx, Subject Lands or Subject Minerals acquired by Assignor after the Closing Time, except (1) to the extent any such additional or enlarged interest becomes a part of the Subject Interests by amendment to this Conveyance pursuant to Section 3.1 or 3.2 of the Development Agreement, (2) as may result from the operation of the terms of the instruments creating the Subject Interests, or (3) as may be reflected in extensions and renewals covered by the preceding sentence.

  • The Project Site, where applicable, means the place or places named in the SCC.

  • Project Property means the real property on or for which preconstruction service or construction work is or will be provided.

  • drilling means the act of boring a hole to reach a proposed bottom hole location through which oil or gas may be produced if encountered in paying quantities, and includes redrilling, sidetracking, deepening, or other means necessary to reach the proposed bottom hole location, testing, logging, plugging, and other operations necessary and incidental to the actual boring of the hole;

  • Subject Interest has the meaning assigned to such term in the recitals.

  • Project Water means water made available for delivery to the contractors by project conservation facilities and the transportation facilities included in the System.

  • Project site, where applicable, means the place indicated in bidding documents.

  • the Area means the area for which for the time being the Appointee holds the appointment as water undertaker or, as the case may be, sewerage undertaker;

  • Program area means a general group of disciplines in which one or more degree programs,

  • Discovery Area means that part of the Contract Area about which, based upon Discovery and the results obtained from a Well or Xxxxx drilled in such part, the Contractor is of the opinion that Petroleum exists and is likely to be produced in commercial quantities.

  • Development Area means that area to which a development plan is applicable.

  • Subject Property means any premises located in the County on which an energy efficiency improvements, water efficiency improvements, or renewable resource applications are being or have been made and financed through an outstanding PACE loan.

  • Redevelopment Area means the community redevelopment area described, defined or otherwise identified or referred to in the Redevelopment Plan.

  • the Property means the Property more particularly described in Condition 2 of the Conditions of Sale (as defined in 1.6 below);