the competent authority definition

the competent authority means the Malta Financial Services Authority established by the Malta Financial Services Authority Act;
the competent authority means the Environment and Resources Authority and such other body or person as the Minister may by order in the Gazette, prescribe and different bodies or persons may be designated as the competent authority for different provisions and different purposes of these regulations;
the competent authority means the Financial Reporting Council Limited”;

More Definitions of the competent authority

the competent authority means the Malta Environment and Planning Authority<
the competent authority s tasks” means the competent authority's tasks under—
the competent authority means The Excise Commissioner, Madhya Pradesh State Excise Department, Madhya Pradesh.
the competent authority means the Veterinary Services within the territory of Malta as provided under article 2 of the Veterinary Services Act<
the competent authority means, in relation to England, the Secretary of State, and, in relation to Wales, the Welsh Ministers;
the competent authority. : shall mean Department of Economic Development of concerned Emirate.
the competent authority means organizational unit, within the Ministry which will carry out tasks, in accordance with the Law, regarding to chemicals and biocide products.