The Apartment/VIP Lounge definition

The Apartment/VIP Lounge means VR’s luxury VIP lounge located at Participating Villages subject to availability, which can be booked by emailing the VR Booking Email not less than forty-eight (48) hours before a Customer’s visit to a Participating Village;

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Apartment Dwelling means any dwelling unit within a building containing more than four dwelling units where the units are connected by an interior corridor;
apartment unit means any residential unit within a building containing three or more dwelling units where access to each residential unit is obtained through a common entrance or entrances from the street level and the residential units are connected by an interior corridor;
Apartment means a part of the property intended for any type of independent use (whether it be for residential, recreational, storage, or business) including one or more rooms or enclosed spaces located on one or more floors (or parts thereof) in a building or if not in a building in a separately delineated place whether open or enclosed and whether for the storage of an automobile, moorage of a boat, or other lawful use, and with a direct exit to a public street or highway, or to a common area leading to such street or highway;
serviced apartment means a lodging house in which each sleeping apartment, or group of sleeping apartments in common occupancy, is provided with its own sanitary conveniences and may have its own cooking facilities;
Multifamily dwelling means a structure that contains more than one separate residential dwelling unit, which is used or occupied, or is intended to be used or occupied, in whole or in part, as the home or residence of one or more persons.
Retail Store means a building or part of a building in which goods, wares, merchandise, substances, articles or things are offered or kept for retail sale to the public.
Apartment house OR "MULTIPLE DWELLING" means any building, not being a lodging-house or hotel, or portion thereof, which is designed, built, rented, leased, let or hired out to be occupied, or which is occupied, as the home or residence of three or more families living independently of each other and doing their own cooking within their apartment, suite or dwelling unit.
Steep slope means any slope of more than 20 degrees or such lesser slope as may be designated by the division after consideration of soil, climate, and other characteristics of a region or the state.
Multi-family dwelling means a structure that contains more than one separate dwelling unit, which is used, or occupied, or intended to be used or occupied, in whole, or in part as the home or residence of one or more persons.
Stinger-steered automobile or watercraft transporter means an automobile or watercraft transporter
designated sporting event generally means any association football match, whether national or international. The full legal definition of the different classes of designated sporting events may be found in the Sports Grounds and Sporting Events (Designation) (Amendment) Order 2011, under Article 2(1) and 2(2) of Schedule 2.
Retail marijuana store means an entity licensed to purchase marijuana from marijuana cultivation facilities and marijuana and marijuana products from marijuana product manufacturing facilities and to sell marijuana and marijuana products to consumers.
Residential Unit means a home, apartment, residential condominium unit or mobile home, serving as the principal place of residence.
Public garage means every building or other place where vehicles or vessels are kept and stored and where a charge is made for the storage and keeping of vehicles and vessels.
Multi-family housing means a building or structure that is designed to house two (2) or more different households in separate housing Units which have full kitchen facilities including oven/range, refrigerator, kitchen sink with hot and cold water supply and food storage facilities and at least one (1) full bathroom facility(s), one (1) full bedroom and one (1) living area (including a combination thereof such as studio arrangements).
Partnership Unit Economic Balance means (i) the Capital Account Balance of the General Partner, plus the amount of the General Partner’s share of any Partner Nonrecourse Debt Minimum Gain or Partnership Minimum Gain, in either case to the extent attributable to the General Partner’s ownership of Partnership Units and computed on a hypothetical basis after taking into account all allocations through the date on which any allocation is made under this Section 5.1(e), divided by (ii) the number of General Partner’s Partnership Units. Any such allocations shall be made among the LTIP Holders in proportion to the amounts required to be allocated to each under this Section 5.1(e). The parties agree that the intent of this Section 5.1(e) is to make the Capital Account balance associated with each LTIP Unit to be economically equivalent to the Capital Account balance associated with the Partnership Units (on a per-Unit basis), but only if and to the extent the Capital Account balance associated with the General Partner’s Partnership Units has increased on a per-Unit basis since the issuance of the relevant LTIP Unit.
Residential Units means individually or collectively (as the context requires), any or all residential apartment unit(s) in the Project.
Shopping mall means an enclosed public walkway or hall area that serves to connect retail or professional establishments.
Retail tobacco store means a retail store utilized primarily for the sale of tobacco products and accessories and in which the sale of other products is merely incidental.
Section 385 Controlled Partnership has the meaning set forth in Treasury Regulation Section 1.385-1(c)(1) for a “controlled partnership”.
Mixed beverage or "mixed alcoholic beverage" means a drink composed in whole or in part of
Multifamily housing means a building or buildings providing housing to 2 or more households, none of which is owner occupied.
Prime farmland means any of the following:
Single-family dwelling unit means a structure that is usually occupied by just one household or family and for the purposes of this Policy is expected to generate an average of 250 gallons per day of wastewater.
Dwelling, two-family means a detached or semi-detached building designed for or occupied exclusively by two families living independently of each other.
Recreational vehicle park means any site, tract or parcel of land on which facilities have been developed to provide temporary living quarters for individuals utilizing recreational vehicles. Such a park may be developed or owned by a private, public or non-profit organization catering to the general public or restricted to the organizational or institutional member and their guests only.