Definition of Term Loan Facility A

Term Loan Facility A means the credit facility for the Term Loan A described in Section 2.2.

Examples of Term Loan Facility A in a sentence

Term Loan Facility A $15 bn 364 days bullet + 1 year term extension option Revolving Credit Facility B $10 bn 3 years bullet Revolving2 Credit Facility C $5bn 5 years bullet Term loan Facility D $10 bn 5 years + 1 day bullet 1.
Type and Amount of Facilities: Term Loan Facility: A Term Loan Facility (the "Term Loan Facility") in an aggregate principal amount of $25.0 million (each individual loan thereunder, a "Term Loan" and together the "Term Loans").
Term Loan Facility: A term loan facility initially in the amount of the lesser of (i) the aggregate loans made in the Offer and (ii) $103.5 million (the Term Loan Facility and the loans thereunder, the Term Loans and, together with the Revolving Facility, the First Lien Credit Facilities).
Senior Secured Term Loan Facility: A senior secured second out term loan facility (the Term Loan Facility and, collectively with the Revolving Facility, the Facilities) in a principal amount of $150.0 million which will be deemed funded in a single draw on the Closing Date.
Types and Amounts of Credit Facilities ----------------- Term Loan Facilities -------------------- Types and Amounts of Facilities: Term Loan Facilities (the "Term Loan Facilities") in an aggregate amount of $165,000,000 (the loans thereunder, the "Term Loans") as follows: Tranche A Term Loan Facility: A 5 year term loan facility (the "Tranche A Term Loan Facility") in an aggregate principal amount equal to $90,000,000 (the loans thereunder, the "Tranche A Term Loans").