Definition of Term Loan Dollar Lender

Term Loan Dollar Lender means a Lender that has made Term Loans or has a New Term Loan Commitment denominated in Dollars, as set forth on Schedule 2.1 (as may be modified pursuant to any transaction in accordance with subsection 2.9). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, no Term Loan Dollar Lender shall be obligated to fund (i) in an amount exceeding the amount set forth for such Term Loan Dollar Lender on Schedule 2.1 and (ii) in any currency other than Dollars.
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Examples of Term Loan Dollar Lender in a sentence

The Administrative Agent shall notify the U.S. Borrower of the identity of each financial institution reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent (each, a New Term Loan Dollar Lender) to whom any New Term Loan Dollar Commitments have been (in accordance with the prior sentence) allocated and the amounts of such allocations.
Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, each Original Tranche B Term Loan Dollar Lender severally made term loans (each, a Tranche B Term Dollar Loan) to the Borrower on the Closing Date in an amount for each Tranche B Term Dollar Loan Lender not to exceed an amount in Dollars equal to the amount of the Tranche B Term Loan Dollar Commitment of such Lender on the Closing Date.