Definition of Term Loan Conversion Fee

Term Loan Conversion Fee means, with respect to any Borrower, a fee in US Dollars to be paid to the Administrative Agent on the Term Extension Effective Date by such Borrower, for the account of each Lender in accordance with its Pro Rata Share, in an amount equal to 0.50% of the Outstanding Amount on the Term Extension Effective Date of all Loans of such Lender made to such Borrower.

Examples of Term Loan Conversion Fee in a sentence

Upon any such conversion of Revolving Loans to Term Loans hereunder, the Borrower shall pay each Bank the Term Loan Conversion Fee.
Section01 is further amended by deleting the following definitions from such Section: "Cash Flow Coverage", "Current Assets", "Current Liabilities", "EBIT", "Interest Coverage", "Operating Cash Flow", ["Operating Lease Obligation",] "Term Loan Maturity Date", "Term Loans", "Term Loan Conversion Fee", "Term Note", "Term Rate", and "Total Liabilities".