Definition of Term Loan C Loans

Term Loan C Loans means the amounts advanced by the Lenders holding a Term Loan C Commitment to the Borrower as Term Loan C Loans and evidenced by the Term Loan C Notes.

Examples of Term Loan C Loans in a sentence

Term Loan C Loans shall mean, collectively, the amounts advanced (or converted) by the Lenders to the Borrower under the several obligations of the Lenders to fund their respective portion of the Term Loan C Loans to the Borrower, in an aggregate sum of up to $150,000,000.
Section 2.6 of the Credit Agreement is hereby modified by amending all references therein from Term Loan C Loans to Term Loan D Loans.
All principal amounts and other amounts then outstanding hereunder shall be due and payable on the Term Loan C Maturity Date, or such earlier date as payments of the Term Loan C Loans shall be due, whether by acceleration or otherwise.
Not later than 12:00 Noon, New York City time, on the First Amendment Effective Date each Term Loan C Lender shall make available to the Administrative Agent at the Funding Office an amount in immediately available funds equal to the Term Loan C Loan or Term Loan C Loans to be made by such Term Loan C Lender (or convert Term Loan B Loans to Term Loan C Loans).
This Term Loan C Note evidences the Lender's portion of the Term Loan C Loans under, and is entitled to the benefits and subject to the terms of, the Loan Agreement, which contains provisions with respect to the acceleration of the maturity of this Term Loan C Note upon the happening of certain stated events, and provisions for prepayment.