Definition of Term Loan Banks

Term Loan Banks means the Banks that hold a Term Commitment and/or Term Loans.

Examples of Term Loan Banks in a sentence

The Agent shall then notify each of the Term Loan Banks of such offer.
Any Term Loan Bank declining such prepayment shall give written notice to the Agent by 12:00 Noon (New York City time) on the third Business Day immediately following the date the Term Loan Banks receive notice of such prepayment.
The Term Loan Banks shall have the option to accept or refuse any prepayment pursuant to this Section 2.10(b)(ii) in accordance with the provisions set forth in Section 2.10(c).
The Administrative Agent shall on such date credit the account of the Borrower on the books of such office with the aggregate of the amounts made available to the Administrative Agent by the Term Loan Banks and in like funds as received by the Administrative Agent.
Each Bank which executes and delivers a counterpart of the Seventh Amendment hereby irrevocably agrees, for the benefit of the Initial C Term Loan Banks, that such Bank (and its successors and assigns) will not, unless the prior written consent of each Initial C Term Loan Bank has been obtained, agree to any amendment or modification to this Agreement to the extent such amendment or modification would amend, modify or alter any of the provisions of this Section 15 or any defined term as used herein.