Definition of Term Loan B Term Loan

Term Loan B Term Loan means each New Term Loan of any Series that requires amortization in an amount equal to or less than 1% per annum in any year (other than the final year prior to the applicable Term Loan Maturity Date).

Examples of Term Loan B Term Loan in a sentence

The Bank has agreed to make a second term loan to the Borrower in the original principal amount of $2,500,000 (Term Loan B) (Term Loan A and Term Loan B collectively, the Loans).
All prepayments of Term Loan B, Term Loan C or the term portions of the Supplemental Loan under this Section 4.6 shall be applied to the prepayments required under Section 4.2 pro rata over the remaining payments.
Section 2.6 Repayment of Loans (a) The Borrower hereby unconditionally promises to pay to the Administrative Agent for the account of each applicable Lender the then unpaid principal amount of each Revolving Loan, A Term Loan, B Term Loan and Additional Term Loan on the Revolving Maturity Date, A Term Maturity Date, B Term Maturity Date and the Additional Term Loan Maturity Date, respectively.
Pursuant to Section 2.6 of the Credit Agreement, Borrower hereby requests [the continuation of all or part of its outstanding LIBOR borrowings with Fixed Rate Terms ending on ___________] [the conversion of all or part of its outstanding Reference Rate borrowings], as follows: (a) The Credit to which this Notice applies is the [Line of Credit] [Term Loan A] [Term Loan B] [Term Loan C].
Amounts (as of date of item #3 above): [Total [Total [Outstanding [Outstanding Tranche Tranche Principal Principal Revolving A Term Loan B Term Loan of A Term of B Term Loan Commitment] Commitment] Loans] Loans] Commitment ---------- ---------- ----- ----- ---------- a.