Definition of Term Loan Account

Term Loan Account means Agent's US Dollar account number 07236272493 in the name of Agent at Fifth Third Bank -- Cincinnati, ABA# 042-000-314, Account Name: Guggenheim Corporate Funding, or such other account(s) as may be specified in writing by Agent as the "Term Loan Account".
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Term Loan Account means the account opened and maintained by the Borrower in the books of _________________.
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Examples of Term Loan Account in a sentence

All statements regarding the Term Loan Account shall be deemed to be accurate absent manifest error or unless objected to by the Borrower within 30 days after receipt.
The principal and the amounts of all payments on the Term Note shall be recorded by the Lender in the Term Loan Account of the Borrower.
If no such Note is requested, such Lender may rely on the Term Loan Account as evidence of the amount of Obligations with respect to the Term Loan from time to time owing to it.
Any such Term Note shall be payable to the order of such Lender in a principal face amount equal to such Lenders Term Loan Commitment and representing the joint and several obligations of the Borrowers to pay to such Lender such principal amount or, if less, the outstanding amount of the Term Loan actually made by such Lender as reflected from time to time in the Term Loan Account, plus interest accrued thereon, as set forth below.
The Administrative Agent will also maintain accounts reflecting principal amounts of the Revolving Loans and Term Loan owing to each Lender pursuant to the terms hereof from time to time, payments made on such Loans and other appropriate debits and credits (the Revolving Loan Account and the Term Loan Account, respectively and, collectively with Schedule 2, the Register).