Definition of Term Loan A-2 Commitment Termination Date

Term Loan A-2 Commitment Termination Date means the earliest of (i) the third anniversary of the Closing Date, (ii) the date on which the Term Loan Commitments are terminated in full or reduced to zero pursuant to Section 2.13 and (iii) the occurrence of any Event of Default described in Section 8.1(f) or (g) with respect to the Borrower or a Guarantor or the occurrence and continuance of any other Event of Default and either (x) the declaration of the Term A-2 Loans to be due and payable pursuant to Section 8.2 or (y) in the absence of such declaration, the giving of written notice by the Administrative Agent, acting at the direction of the Required Term Loan A-2 Lenders, to the Borrower pursuant to Section 8.2 that the Term Loan A-2 Commitments have been terminated.
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Examples of Term Loan A-2 Commitment Termination Date in a sentence

The unused commitments of the Lenders with respect to the Term Loan A2 shall expire on the Term Loan A2 Commitment Termination Date.
Accrued commitment fees shall be payable in arrears on the last day of March, June, September and December of each year, commencing on June 30, 2015, and on the Revolving Commitment Termination Date, Term Loan A-1 Commitment Termination Date or Term Loan A-2 Commitment Termination Date, as applicable.