Definition of Term Loan A-1 Note

Term Loan A-1 Note means a promissory note of the Borrower substantially in the form of Exhibit F-3 hereto to any requesting Term Loan A-1 Lender evidencing its Term Loan A-1.

Examples of Term Loan A-1 Note in a sentence

Each such promissory note shall, in the case of Term Loan A-1, be in the form of Exhibit C (a "Term Loan A-1 Note").
Upon any Lenders request, Borrower shall execute and deliver to such Lender a Revolver Note, a Term Loan A-1 Note and a Term Loan A-2 Note, as applicable, each dated the Third Amendment Date, or, if later, the date of such request, in the principal amount of such Lenders Pro Rata Share of the Revolver Loan Commitment, the Term Loan A-1 and the Term Loan A-2, as applicable.
The Term A-1 Loans outstanding to the Borrower from any Lender shall, at the written request of such Lender, be evidenced by a Note of the Borrower payable to such Lender substantially in the form of Exhibit 2.8C (each, a "Term Loan A-1 Note").