Definition of Term Facility II Commitment

Term Facility II Commitment means, for each Term Facility II Lender, its Tranche Athe obligation of such Lender to make Term Facility Commitment, Tranche BII Loans pursuant to Section 2.01(d) hereof during the Term Facility Commitment, Tranche CII Availability Period in a principal amount not to exceed the amount of such Term Facility Commitment and/or Tranche DII Lender's Term Facility Commitment, as applicableII Commitments as set forth in the Fourth Amendment or as set forth in the Assignment Agreement pursuant to which such Lender assumed its Term Facility II Commitment, as applicable, as the same may be (a) changed pursuant to Section 13.05(b) or (b) reduced or terminated from time to time pursuant to Section 2.04 or Section 11.01. The aggregate principal amount of the Term Facility II Commitments of all Term Facility II Lenders on the ThirdFourth Amendment Effective Date is $875.0 million125,000,000.
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