Definition of Term Facility Advance

  1. Term Facility Advance means, as the context may require, a Tranche A Advance, a Tranche B Advance or a Tranche C Advance and "Term Facility Advances" shall mean each Tranche A Advance, Tranche B Advance, Tranche C Advance or any of them.

Examples of Term Facility Advance in a sentence

  1. The rate of interest applicable to a Term Facility Advance at any time during an Interest Period relating to it shall be the rate per annum which is the sum of the Applicable Margin for the relevant Term Facilities, the Associated Costs Rate for such Advance at such time and EURIBOR or, in relation to any Term Facility Advance then denominated in an Optional Currency, LIBOR, for such Interest Period.
  2. Any repayment made pursuant to paragraph (a) of Clause 12.1 (Voluntary Prepayment) in respect of a Term Facility Advance shall, subject to the provisions of paragraph (b) (Waivable Voluntary Repayment) of this Clause 12.3, be applied either:

Definition of Term Facility Advance in Amended and Restated Facilities Agreement

Term Facility Advance means an advance made under a Term Facility;