Definition of Term Exposure

Term Exposure means, with respect to any Term Lender at any time, the outstanding principal amount of such Lender's Term Loans.
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Examples of Term Exposure in a sentence

Aggregate Term Exposure means, on any date, the aggregate principal amount of the Term Loans outstanding on such date.
Aggregate Term Exposure means, at any time, the aggregate Term Exposure of all the Term B Lenders at such time.
Availability Block: an amount equal to the greater of (a) $5,000,000 and (b) ten percent (10%) of the lesser of (i) the Borrowing Base without giving effect to clauses (b) and (c) included in the calculation therein and (ii) the sum of (A) the aggregate Term Exposure plus (B) the Aggregate Revolving Loan Commitments (or, if such commitments have been terminated, the aggregate Revolving Exposure).
Module Long Term Exposure During FY98 the Module Long Term Exposure (MLTE) task was initiated.
See also Proceedings of PV Module Durability and Long Term Exposure Symposium, February 1998, Cocoa, FL.