Definition of Term D Facility Commitment

Term D Facility Commitment means, for each Term D Facility Lender, the obligation of such Lender to make a Term D Facility Loan in an amount up to but not exceeding the amount set opposite the name of such Lender on Annex A under the caption "Term D Facility Commitment" (as the same may be reflected in the Register, subject to Section 2.08, or be changed pursuant to Section 13.06(b)). The initial aggregate amount of the sum of the Term D Facility Commitments of all Lenders is $399,700,000.

Examples of Term D Facility Commitment in a sentence

Each Term D Facility Lender severally agrees, on the terms and conditions of this Agreement, to make a term loan ("Term D Facility Loans") to Borrower in Dollars on the Effective Date in an aggregate principal amount equal to the Term D Facility Commitment of such Lender.