Definition of Term Credit Documents

Term Credit Documents means the Second Lien Term Loan Agreement and the Loan Documents (as defined in the Second Lien Term Loan Agreement) and each of the other agreements, documents and instruments providing for or evidencing any other Second Lien Obligation, and any other document or instrument executed or delivered at any time in connection with any Second Lien Obligations, as the same may be modified from time to time in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

Examples of Term Credit Documents in a sentence

In addition, each of the Senior Indebtedness Representative and the Term Administrative Agent shall promptly provide the other with copies of any amendments or waivers to any of the Senior Revolving Credit Documents or Term Credit Documents, as applicable and, upon request, information regarding the amounts owing by the Borrower and the other Obligors thereunder, and the Borrower hereby consents to all such disclosures on behalf of itself and each other Obligor.
Except as set forth herein, this is a continuing agreement of lien subordination and the Senior Revolving Claimholders may continue, at any time and without notice to the Term Administrative Agent or any Term Claimholder subject to the Term Credit Documents, to extend credit and other financial accommodations and lend monies to or for the benefit of the Borrower or any Obligor constituting Senior Indebtedness in reliance hereof.
The Term Claimholders will be entitled to manage and supervise their respective loans and extensions of credit under the Term Credit Documents in accordance with law and as they may otherwise, in their sole discretion, deem appropriate.
Each Term Lender acknowledges and agrees that (a) the grants of Liens pursuant to the Senior Revolving Credit Documents and the Term Credit Documents constitute two separate and distinct grants of Liens and (b) because of, among other things, their differing rights in the Collateral, the Second Lien Obligations are fundamentally different from the Senior Indebtedness and must be separately classified in any plan of reorganization proposed or adopted in an Insolvency or Liquidation Proceeding.
The parties hereto agree that nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to prohibit, restrict or otherwise limit the ability of the Borrower or any Guarantor to pay, and the ability of the Term Lenders to receive, scheduled principal and other interest payments in accordance with the Second Lien Term Loan Agreement and the other Term Credit Documents; provided that any such payment is permitted by the Senior Revolving Credit Agreement.