Definition of Term C Loan Percentage

Term C Loan Percentage means, for each Lender, the percentage of the Term C Credit Commitments represented by such Lender's Term C Credit Commitment or, if the Term C Credit Commitments have been terminated or have expired, the percentage held by such Lender of the aggregate principal amount of all Term C Loans then outstanding.
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Examples of Term C Loan Percentage in a sentence

The initial amount of the Term C Loan Percentage for each Lender is set forth opposite such Lender's name on Schedule 2 Term D Commitment means to any Lender, the commitment of such Lender to make a Term D Loan pursuant to subsection 2d).
Amounts paid on the Term C Loans under this Section 2.6(f) shall be for the account of each Bank according to its Term C Loan Percentage.
All funds received by the Agent in respect of any payments made by the Borrower on the Term C Notes shall be distributed forthwith by the Agent among the Banks, in the currency and funds as received, ratably according to each Bank's Term C Loan Percentage.