Definition of Term BB-1 Lenders

Term BB-1 Lenders means, prior to the funding of the initial Term BB-1 Loans on the Closing Date, those Lenders withAmendment No. 2 Effective Date, the Additional Term B-1 Lender and any holder of a Converted Term B Loan Commitments, and after funding of the Term BB-1 Loans, those Lenders holding a portion of theany Term BB-1 Loans (including any Incremental Term Loans that are Term BB-1 Loans), together with their successors and permitted assigns. The initial Term B Lenders are set forth on Schedule 2.01.
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Examples of Term BB-1 Lenders in a sentence

The Term BB-1 Borrowing shall consist of Term BB-1 Loans made simultaneously by the Term BB-1 Lenders in accordance with their respective Term BB-1 Commitments.
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, each Term BB-1 Lender severally agrees to make a single loan to the Company on the Closing Date in an amount equal to such Term BB-1 Lender's Term BB-1 Commitment.