Definition of Term B2 Lender

Term B2 Lender means, collectively, (a) each Term B1 Lender that executes and delivers the Third Amendment on or prior to the Term B2 Facility Effective Date and (b) each Additional Term B2 Lender.
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Examples of Term B2 Lender in a sentence

The Term B-2 Commitment of each Term B-2 Lender shall be automatically and permanently reduced to $0 on the Second Incremental Amendment Closing Date.
Applicable Term B-2 Percentage means with respect to any Term B-2 Lender at any time, such Term B-2 Lenders Applicable Percentage in respect of the Term B-2 Facility at such time.
Additional Term B-2 Lender means each Person identified as such in the Additional Joinder Agreement.
Additional Term Lenders means collectively the Additional Term B-2 Lender and the Additional Term C-2 Lender.
Each Term B-2 Lender hereby consents to (i) an Interest Period beginning on the Amendment No. 2 Effective Date and ending on February 28, 2013 in respect of the Eurocurrency Borrowing incurred on the Amendment No. 2 Effective Date under the Term B-2 Loans (the Initial Term B-2 Borrowing) and (ii) receipt of the notice of Borrowing in respect of the Initial Term B-2 Borrowing on the Amendment No. 2 Effective Date.