Definition of Term B Maturity

Term B Maturity means the Maturity Date under and as defined in the Term Loan B Credit Agreement.
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Examples of Term B Maturity in a sentence

The Term B Commitments are not revolving in nature, and amounts repaid or prepaid prior to the Term B Maturity Date may not be reborrowed.
The Borrower shall repay to the Term B Lenders on the Stated Term B Maturity Date the aggregate principal amount of Term B Loans outstanding on such date (together with all accrued and unpaid interest thereon).
The Term B Loans shall mature, and the outstanding principal amount thereof shall be due and payable in full (together with all accrued and unpaid interest thereon), on the Stated Term B Maturity Date.
The US Borrower shall pay to US Administrative Agent for the ratable benefit of each US Lender all accrued but unpaid interest on such US Lenders US Base Rate Advances on each March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 commencing on September 30, 2005, and on the Revolving Maturity Date or the Term B Maturity Date, as applicable.
All outstanding Term B Loans shall be due and payable, to the extent not previously paid in accordance with the terms hereof, on the Term B Maturity Date.