Definition of Term B Loan Lenders

Term B Loan Lenders means, at any time, Lenders who have Term B Loan Commitments or who hold an outstanding Term B Loan.

Term B Loan Lenders means, collectively, the financial institutions that are parties to the Term B Loan Agreement as lenders from time to time, and their respective successors and assigns; sometimes being referred to herein individually as a “Term B Loan Lender”.

Term B Loan Lenders means any Lender providing a Term B Loan, and each such Lender’s successors and assigns.

Examples of Term B Loan Lenders in a sentence

Required Term B Loan Lenders" shall mean, at any time, those Term B Loan Lenders whose Pro Rata Shares aggregate fifty-one (51%) percent or more of the aggregate of the Term B Loan Commitments of all Term B Loan Lenders.
The Required Lenders and the Term B Loan Lenders have consented to the requested modifications on the terms and conditions set forth herein.
While the Term A Loans are outstanding, any Lender holding Term B Loans may elect, on not less than two Business Days’ prior written notice to the Administrative Agent with respect to any mandatory prepayment required to be made pursuant to Section 2.12(c) or (d), not to have such prepayment applied to such Lender’s Term B Loans, in which case the amount not so applied shall be applied to repay the Term A Loans and thereafter applied to repay the remaining Loans of the accepting Term B Loan Lenders.
The obligation of the Borrower to pay any premium or make any other payment under this Section 2.8(d), and the amounts thereof, may not be amended, changed, reduced or waived unless evidenced by a writing signed by or on behalf of the Administrative Agent and the Requisite Term B Loan Lenders.
Term B Loan Fee Letter" shall mean the letter agreement, dated of even date herewith, by and among Borrowers, Term B Loan Lenders and Agent, setting forth certain fees payable by Borrowers to Agent for the benefit of Term B Loan Lenders, as the same now exists or may hereafter be amended, modified, supplemented, extended, renewed, restated or replaced.

More definitions of Term B Loan Lenders

Term B Loan Lenders means those of the Lenders having Term B Loan Commitments.

Term B Loan Lenders means, as of the Closing Date, a lender hereunder with a Term B Loan Commitment or holding a Term B Loan, including each assignee Lender pursuant to Section 12.12 hereof.