Definition of Term B Loan Lenders

Term B Loan Lenders means, at any time, Lenders who have Term B Loan Commitments or who hold an outstanding Term B Loan.
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Examples of Term B Loan Lenders in a sentence

Borrowers agree to pay Agent for the benefit of the Term B Loan Lenders the fees and other amounts set forth in the Term B Loan Fee Letter in the amounts and at the time specified therein.
The obligation of the Borrower to pay any premium or make any other payment under this Section 2.8(d), and the amounts thereof, may not be amended, changed, reduced or waived unless evidenced by a writing signed by or on behalf of the Administrative Agent and the Requisite Term B Loan Lenders.
Borrowers agree, at the request of Agent, to execute and deliver to Agent a promissory note in registered form reasonably acceptable to Agent to evidence such Term B Loans (that is, containing registered note language) and registered as provided in Section 13.7(c) of the Loan Agreement (a "Registered Term B Loan Note"), payable to the order of Agent, on behalf of the Term B Loan Lenders and otherwise duly completed.
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, each Term B Loan Lender agrees to make Term B Loans to the Borrower during the Availability Period in an aggregate principal amount that will not at any time result in such Term B Loan Lender's Loans exceeding its Term B Loan Commitment; provided, that the Term B Loans shall be available in up to four separate Borrowings.
Such premium shall be presumed to be the amount of damages sustained by the Term B Loan Lenders as the result of the early payment of such Term Loans and each Borrower agrees that it is reasonable under the circumstances currently existing.