Definition of Term B-4 Loan

Term B-4 Loan means a Loan that is made pursuant to Section 2.01(e) of this Agreement on the Amendment No. 4 Effective Date. For the avoidance of doubt, the Term B-4 Loans constitute either Refinancing Term Loans or Incremental Term Loans.

Examples of Term B-4 Loan in a sentence

The Borrower may at any time terminate in full the Term B-4 Loan Commitments.
The Term B-4 Loan Commitments shall automatically terminate upon the making, conversion or continuance, as applicable, of the Term B-4 Loans on the Amendment No. 4 Effective Date.
Each notice delivered by the Borrower pursuant to this Section shall be irrevocable and any termination of the Term B-4 Loan Commitments shall be permanent.
The Borrower authorizes each such Incremental Lender to satisfy the Borrower's obligation to pay such Closing Fee to such Incremental Lender by such Incremental Lender deducting the amount of such Closing Fee from the principal amount of the Term B-4 Loan disbursed on the Incremental Effective Date by such Incremental Lender and by such Incremental Lender retaining the amount so deducted for such Incremental Lender's own account.
The Additional Term Loan Facilities were comprised of (i) a $250 million Term B-4 Loan Facility and a $50 million Term B-5 Loan Facility (collectively, the "Term B-4/5 Loan") and (ii) a $300 million Additional Term B-1 Loan Facility (the "Additional Term B-1 Loan").