Definition of Term B-3 Lender

Term B-3 Lender means, at any time, any Lender that has a Term B-3 Commitment or a Term B-3 Loan at such time.

Examples of Term B-3 Lender in a sentence

Each Term B-3 Lender hereby consents to (i) an Interest Period beginning on the Amendment No. 4 Effective Date and ending on December 31, 2013 in respect of the Eurocurrency Borrowing incurred on the Amendment No. 4 Effective Date under the Term B-3 Loans (the Initial Term B-3 Borrowing) and (ii) receipt of the notice of Borrowing in respect of the Initial Term B-3 Borrowing on the Amendment No. 4 Effective Date.
The Term B-3 Commitment of each Term B-3 Lender was automatically and permanently reduced to $0 upon the conversion of all or a portion of such Term B-3 Lenders Existing Term B-1 Loans into Term B-3 Loans pursuant to Section 2.01(a)(iii)(A).
On the Restatement Effective Date, in accordance with, and upon the terms and conditions set forth in, the Amendment Agreement, the Existing Term B-1 Loans of each Extending Term B-3 Lender outstanding on such date shall be automatically reclassified on such date as Term B-3 Loans of such Lender in the principal amount equal to such Extending Term B-3 Lenders Term B-3 Loan Amount.
Following the Twelfth Amendment Effective Date, the Term B-3 Loans of each Term B-3 Lender shall be payable in equal consecutive quarterly installments on the last Business Day of each of December, March, June and September, in an amount equal to $6,129,649.64, with the remaining balance of Term B-3 Loans payable on the Term B-3 Maturity Date, in each case in accordance with the Credit Agreement.
Each Assignment Term B-3 Lender agrees to purchase pursuant to an Assignment and Assumption in accordance with Section 10.06 of the Credit Agreement on or immediately after the Twelfth Amendment Effective Date and assume from a Lender designated by the Administrative Agent Term B-3 Loans in an amount equal to the principal amount of such repayment (or such lesser amount as the Administrative Agent may allocate to such Lender).