Definition of Term B-1 Loan Commitment

Term B-1 Loan Commitment means, with respect to each Lender, the commitment, if any, of such Lender to make a Term B-1 Loan on the Refinancing Date, expressed as an amount representing the maximum principal amount of the Term B-1 Loan to be made by such Lender, as such commitment may be (a) reduced from time to time pursuant to Section 2.08 and (b) reduced or increased from time to time pursuant to assignments by or to such Lender pursuant to Section 9.04. The amount of each Lender's Term B-1 Loan Commitment on the Refinancing Date is the amount of its "New Term B-1 Loan Commitment" as defined in the Second Amendment. The initial aggregate amount of the Lenders' Term B-1 Loan Commitments on the Refinancing Date is $788,000,000.